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Find You

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Liner Notes: 

My boy, Roy, is an amazing freestyler. He rapped over a chord progression and then we went back and tried to make more sense of what he wrote. I had this idea about how we are always being watched by our phones. The hook is this spooky voice of the corporation and the rap is a cry for freedom. This could definitely be expanded but I feel excited to share it!


No matter where you go
Or where you hide we always know
We’re gonna find you
We’re in your mind too

Don’t matter where you run
When you’re still under the gun
We’re gonna find you
We’re in your mind too

No matter where you hide
The advertisements lie and you're gonna buy
Pockets run dry you dont know why
lost a lot of money and your mind is in the sky
Up in the sky your in the fantasyland all you really wanted was one true friend
That friend became an object of silicone and plastic all buttoned up in your child labor fabric

What is this society that we live in
drones follow us and track our own decision
We want to love but we still need permission
Deafening ammunition need to learn to listen
Government are choosing to destroy each other divide and conquer
Where is thy brother
So I seek salvation thru the words i speak
I Know what its like when you got nothing to eat
Keep following your heart keep following your feet
Until we reach a higher love and our sorrows release
Send compassion to the shadows make peace with the beast
Got to stand true when the voices repeat

No matter where you go
Or where you hide we always know
We’re gonna find you
We’re in your mind too

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Thats so cool. You already know I love your vaclas and Roys Rap is awesome. Great freestyler. Lovely delightful performance. Ace!

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I dig the jazzy guitar/vocal and the well-written, timely rap. Thoughtful piece, and you're on to something cool with this combination of styles.

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This was an interesting combo - acoustic guitar and rap.
I've been out of the hip hop listening scene for quite some time, so maybe it isn't uncommon?
In any event, I like this.
Both parts are well done. Roy definitely has a good flow and voice, in my opinion! And I like the understated and simple sung all works together.
Yes, I hope you two do indeed expand on this. I'd be interested to hear the end result.
Also, I couldn't help but think "Skynet" Smile