Better Late Than Never

Better Late Than Never

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Liner Notes: 

The title is this weeks Facebook Song Skirmish group prompt. A half hour quick write and record with recollections of the documentary "Who Killed The Electric Car?" and a few minutes of interweb research.


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Better Late Than Never

1978 I wrote a research paper on solar powered electric cars
It took me till 2018 to buy an electric car and charge it from solar panels
Better late than never

1990 GM developed an electric concept car called the Impact
Which became the EV-1 from 1996 to 2002 until GM fought California to change regulations, then repossessed all the EV-1’s. It took till 2010 for GM to sell the plug-in hybrid Volt and till 2017 to sell an all-electric Bolt.
Better late than never

1998 Ford built 1,500 Ranger EV’s joined GM and Washington in the fight against California
2009 developed a Focus concept electric car and now promise an electric crossover, with a Mustang rear end, maybe a truck someday, maybe
Better late than never

2018 We gave away our last Ford with an internal combustion engine vehicle
With the knowledge I have now it’ll be hard, so hard, so hard, to trust some automakers again. Pretty sure I have bought my last internal combustion engine.
Better late than never

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Classic 3-chord progression inverted just a little along with a great little story, nearly a rant. Neat!

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Very Classical Andy production. Nice storytelling in both lyrocs and performance.

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I remember when I got my driving license in the 80s word was that the next generation of cars will only need 3 litres per 100 kilometers. It may be possible but the market shows that buyers and automakers have other preferences...
Good song!

Alot of good info in this song. Enjoyed learning all that.