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Liner Notes: 

this is someone saying
be there and support me
with all of you
or don't be there

Hope this comes across I intended

please comment thank you



take me as I am
or leave me be
won't you

step away or
stay if you believe
won't you

hold me by the hand
or set me free
just be the rock that I need you to be
when I have to stand against
the raging seas
when the howling wind is forcing me to lean

look on to me
or turn away your gaze
won't you

make me bleed
or stop with all the pain
won't you

curse my name
or shower me in praise
be there just when I need to be saved
when you see my head is underneath
the waves
when there are no more breaths that I can take

all I have is all of me to offer to you
I can't say that I will always speak the truth
you won't always know what I'm about to do
but what I do is all about me loving you

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Cool lyric, and these are familiar themes for me. I think the most critical part of it all is the last verse, when we hear what the protagonist has to offer if his love will stay.

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Relatable lyrics...
Why do people seem to care more sometimes and less other times? Or they stop short of being there completely during our worst times?
I wonder....maybe they are being there for us the way they think they need to be, but it just isn't quite enough for us in need....
Oy, humans.. lol
In any event, I can hear some soaring crooner belting these out over some epic strings/piano/brass arrangement...no drums. I'm bad with current artists' names, I'm really out of touch with today's music...but I'm thinking something along the lines of a John Legend, or going back further to a Bill Withers or Nat King Cole...a voice with character who can bellow.
Good stuff, man!