Deeper, further, longer

Deeper, further, longer

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Liner Notes: 

In this one I've been trying to musically translate going from nowhere to somewhere.


This is how it goes
it goes


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Very nice. Back in my favourite style of yours. Great music and a nice succint lyric!

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the beat is almost loke a syncopated marching band, while the synths remind me of the aviators taking to the skyway. a real earth and heaven mix of movement. the triads toward the end seem to indicate some kind of arrival...or maybe the airplane is circling the airport for reasons unexplained to its passengers. are we ending in midair?

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I like the conciseness of the lyric and the psychedelic waves of guitar and the melodic bass stylings. Unusual drum pattern adds uniqueness and mystery! Gorgeous guitar break at 1:30 or so. The falsetto vocals reminded me of Morrissey!

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My favorite segment starts around 1:40. I like how the synth and bass communicate there

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Really good track. It’s got a nice dark, minor, swirling feel. I like the melodic guitar part (or is it a synth?), and the wash of distortion behind it. Strong vocals. The drums are really good.

An interesting transition from rhythm syncopation to pulling together. A deep listen!

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Great percussion pattern here for sure.
And lovely active bass work, as usual.
Oh yeah, that little instrumental break half way through is gold.
I like your wall of sound approach.
So nice!!
Well done!!