My Itty Bitty So Called Car That Could

My Itty Bitty So Called Car That Could

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Liner Notes: 

Today's chapter of "Inspiration Comes From The Weirdest Places". Song title derived from a Facebook public snide comment. So instead of engaging I write a song about all the negative comments I have heard in a few months of electric car ownership. There I feel better now.


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My Itty Bitty So Called Car That Could

Green Car Reports posts an article about new and used hybrid and electric vehicles
At the end the question is asked what’s your favorite?
I comment Smart fortwo
Random dude gushes about his hybrid calls mine an itty bitty so called car
Didn’t know I was signing up for a debate but I can take it

Cause I’ve heard all the jokes
Snide remarks and wise cracks
I just smile and let it roll off my back
Very passive aggressive like
But every time I drive by the gas pumps and see the rising price per gallon
I have the last laugh in my
Itty bitty so called car that could

Electrician in our garage to give an estimate
On a charging station
Looks at our Smart and asks me hey is that a toy car
I wonder how many gallons a day he pumps in that work van?
Don’t think I’ll be using him again


Ten year old kid running outside the Y
Shouts ‘hey look toy car”
Meanwhile all the Tesla guys
Hanging in the forum snicker bout my itty bitty so called car
But I bought two for less than they paid for one and I don’t want to even think about how much they pay for insurance

Think I’ll write a book
Called the
Itty bitty so called car that could
Talking about busting range anxiety
For one third the price of gasoline going everywhere I need to be
And what they don’t understand is growing up short, smart, in a weird religion
makes for thick skin

Repeat chorus

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I read through this first, and had a nice chuckle at the last lines about how you acquired a thicker skin, and how it serves you. This song could belong in both of your collections, with that tie-in. I enjoyed how you gave "itty bitty so-called car" it's own reoccurring music, no matter what context it occurs in, like its a brand splashing across us. I love what you did with your reaction to those postings; yet another way you laugh last, to convert it into creativity!

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This is my favorite of yours this 50/90. It's so playful, I love what you do on guitar when you sing 'itty bitty so called car'.

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The guitar playin' is great here, perfect for storytelling.
After reading your bio, I see now that you have a running theme. Hat off to you, man, for sticking to a theme.
I feel the way you do your vocals are fitting for this topic. But main thing I dig is how you continue to be creative with this subject.
Honestly made me feel bad about anything "snide" i've said about all those itty bitty so-called...err, i cars. lol Smile