Just because I'm smiling Cigar Box Acoustic

Just because I'm smiling Cigar Box Acoustic

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Liner Notes: 

A very 'unplugged' song. An unplugged cigar box guitar and a vocal.


Just because I’m smiling I’m not OK
If I’m feeling bad I won’t say
Some wear their heart on their sleeve
I keep mine under lock and key
Just because I’m smiling doesn’t mean I’m OK

What you see on the outside’s just for show
To cover what I don’t want you to know
I’ll give you the time of day
But that’s all I’ll give away
What you see on the outsides just for show.

I’ve found a way to keep control
I keep a smile on my face and a shield round my soul


If you see someone smiling just like me
Ask is this all it seems to be
They might seem satisfied but
Who knows how they feel inside
When someone’s smiling just like me

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Oh, that bluesy cigar box guitar... great riffing on it. And the tune and lyrics are just bluesy to the max.

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great sound. i like the lyrics too and delivery of them is spot on. nice one