When The Night Comes -- lyric now w/music (Bar-stool-drunk r a m b l i n g s)

When The Night Comes -- lyric now w/music (Bar-stool-drunk r a m b l i n g s)

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Liner Notes: 

I hit this one with an ugly-stick. Smile

Just wanted to make it that way. The last minute, maybe 45 sec this ends with, I guess is how the "pretty" version might go (much less L/R separation, deliberately pushed in this version). I can always do a version like that, or it could just be a "section" in a long version of this. (Maybe I should work on that 'till the end... anyway...)

I had no real intention when considering music for this. However, lately the 19th Cent one-shot 78 RPM wax cuts from "mobile units" that traveled this country to introduce "Records" to mass marketing ---- have been in the back of my mind, --that may but "it", I dunno. I know many/some will wonder WTF? Crazy ... that's OK. (Krappey mid-range headphones will really make this ugly sonically Crazy oh well ... Smile I did mix a full Hz range into this, with dynamics and etc.)

I "feel", this thing done live, with Drum Kit could easily double in play time and be one of those mid-set songs context that may wrap up a lotta sonic krappe left hanging, introduce what's coming --if that makes sense. Maybe a nice backing vocal too, guts on the stage female texture thing. And, even pushing the bit of this over the top non-refined vocal/notation modulations a bit more may work as well. -- Visceral.

Playing one like this twice the same way would be a challenge and not intended, -- if that makes sense. For me, this, the kind of song someone covers but can only do their version of it. Try to copy an old-old R&B track note for note, --good luck loosing your mind Crazy -- if you like that stuff; I do.

So, derUgo.

-- Likely should not say, this is the last one of 5090 'cause then 10 more may pop out, -- however not likely; we'll see. I want to say that this 5090 has been as much fun and enjoyable as anything I've engaged online... so many great little things (and people) that for me equal the good of why I love engaging music with a large group of people.

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When the night comes
I hope, it's not coming for me
Me, you, us, we all have need [V done 2x]

It's all for me
It' all for you
It's all for us to keep

Problem is, I want...
I want to keep it more, it more
Don't want to feel poor - ly, in my need

[When the night comes]
[I know it will, it comes for me] [ ~ Alternate add in verse; to add another minute or so beyond other ~ ]
[You, me, us, we all have need]

So take this time, time today
Make sure you know it's your pre-pay
Take the cash-day-run, spend it all, all Oh - Kay

When the night comes,
I hope its not you,
And, not me..., passover me my
Red mantel set..., please

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this is my kind of blues..the way the blues should sound...i dont think its any uglier than a scab on a child's knee. the harmonica and guitar are just like i like t hear them. i also like your disregard for conventional bar structure, an artifice of edifice that has all but destroyed the spirit of the blues in our time. this is the real,, lowdown cry of broken damn.

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Oh wow such slow smokey blues - really wonderful phrasing and delivery... perfect angst in the harmonica and vocals - and the noodling in the guitar is great. Love that stand up bass sound too. This is really splendid!! How I wish was listening to this in an intimate dark club slowly simply a bourbon on the rocks... this is hands down one of my favorites!

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Blueblueblues! You are just awesome at this. There's a wrenching feel to it, won't let the listener go. I'm inspired again.

Yeah my blues as well. I really like this! Can you lend me that ugly stick! This is how i wanna hear blues without too much structure! I play around on my guitar with some of this stuff but can never deliver it into a recordable fashion of any semblance. Big thumbs up here also from Mrs Cool Smile who only pricks up her ears for a few tunes!

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Thanks for giving me the head up about the musical version. Very interesting intro. Very well performed, great harmonica. Absolutely gorgeous blues and fab. Hook