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Liner Notes: 

Sara: Moving forward from a dark past to better days - love has a way of healing all things.

Peter: It was awesome to write the music to Sara's touching lyrics. She also sings the the backup vocals.


Footsteps echo softly through the night,
into the black I glide
I'm tearing off my shadows, pushing them aside
Your love, it breathes inside

I'm picking up the pieces
I'm standing on my own
Stars explode around me
I'm no longer alone

Your eyes hold galaxies within them,
your heart, it beats close to mine
A nebula of love embraces
your soul burns bright, helping me shine

I'm stripping off my mask
So you can come inside
Constellations give me your light
Your love will be my guide

Unearth my soul
release my pain
Guide me gently
ignite this flame

(c)2018 Sara Janda Lyrics
(c)2018 Peter Arvidson Music

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Love the sentiment in this gorgeous song. The beautiful guitar and your tender soulful vocals are wonderful. Wonderful contrast between the verse and chorus - the way the chorus soars is brilliant! Love the images and the poetic metaphors so much. This is one of my favorites!!

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Beautiful collab you two. Such moving lyrics and the way you both sing them so tenderly is just a slice of heaven!

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Lovely music and great harmonies. Strong lyrics. Splendid collab all around!

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I like the melody, and the harmonies add a lot, the chorus is strong and memorable. And it's a sweet story, really great feeling for what it can be to love somebody and be in love.

The guitar sounds good, for some reason I want to categorize this as psychedlia. A little bit.

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favorite tearing off my shadows. music is epic.

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You have a fab voice . Love the picking and love the harmonies. This is such a lovely collab.

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I love both of your voices together. They sound good. And I really like Sara's voice solo. (First I've heard it.) Good songwriting and good performances.

An all round excellent performance from the first note and first lyric to the last. Well done!

Beautiful song. Definitely trying to move from darker places and healing. Song really touched my heart.

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That guitar sounds so beautiful, and the lyrics cleverly play with the space motif. Background vox a treat! Really touching.