My Drive To San Diego

My Drive To San Diego

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Liner Notes: 

The synths you hear in the beginning defined this song and I just built the drums around them.
Heard the melody play itself in my head...very simple.
'Boy From School' by Hot Chip kept popping into my head with its repetition, so I went that route.
The verses and chorus all have the same melody...I dunno...I like it and think it works. Repetition like that with sincere lyrics and vocal delivery please my ears and emotions. I TRIED to do that here..
I couldn't get the vocal dynamics right, let along sing them like I really wanted. I can't do deep baritone like Joe Goddard...and I can't do that high thing that Alexis Taylor you get this lol

You...can't run away from your problems...from who you are and all the faults and flaws that come with that. I've found this out, it is 100% true.


on my drive to san diego
i will finally get away
i will look back in the rearview
and i'll have nothing to say
leave my problems on the asphalt
with the ten gallons that i bought
i will finally get away
get away
get away
get away

when i drive to san diego
i will finally get away
get away
get away
get away

and i drove to san diego
drove my car to san diego
drove real far to san diego
drove real fast to san diego
fell asleep in my hotel room
when i woke up all my problems
were right there in san diego
they were laughing my face

i can't drive to san diego
run away to san diego
all my problems will be there
still be there
will be there
still be there
still be there in san diego

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I am loving how this sounds in headphones - so much to listen to! And it all works in one cohesive luscious, infectious song. And after I listened I went back and read the lyrics - oh, so true.

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i read chips comment as i was listening, so put on my headphones and he is right, there is a lot more going on here than you hear on a crummy computer without the phones . its a cool song. like they say, you can run but you cant run away from yourself because wherever you go. there you are/

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My third track of yours I've had the pleasure to listen to tonight. Another great song. Love the vocals on this and he lyrics I am sure we all can identify with. Perfect...

Lots to listen to here! Nice straight forward lyric. (2 in short time? Me thinks) well done.

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I wish I could do electronic music. i just don't have the knack. Lots to appreciate here. It's got such a full sound. I like the bit of throw back disco influence this has. It''s fun. I love a good escape song too, so lyrics are just right, even though as it turns out there was no real escape in San Diego. Smile

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Cool back and forth on the synths to start out. Nice rhythm with the drums, and that disco sound with the cymbals! The upbeat sound is perfect for the repetition in the lyrics. Great vocals - the best thing is it's *your* song, so you get to sing it like you Smile