Awkward Introverted Moment

Awkward Introverted Moment

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Liner Notes: 

My first collab!!! FINALLY getting to work with @kahlo2013 after a fail on my end earlier in 50/90. Her lyrics to this song hit home and I couldn't just not try to do something with it. Very grateful to be allowed to work with her.
The song itself ended up quite different than what I initially had in mind, which was a ballad in 3/4. In the middle of developing that, I hit some chords that I like to hit a lot...and blurted out the first verse. For whatever reason, 'I'll Keep Holding On' by Simply Red WOULD NOT GET OUTTA MY HEAD! As a result, the verses kinda sound like that...but not quite.
With my gaining confidence to just sing songs now regardless of how I might flub all things vocal (thanks to some key folks on this site), I just tried to do what I could. I wish I could hit some higher notes so I could have some range, but that is advanced right now.
The music itself was MEANT to be much more complex, but I spent so much time with the vocals that I kinda just left things the way they were with the electric keys. Added some variation to the drums, some little acoustic piano, and lastly decided to add the bass towards the end (not the happiest with that).
But thank you again, kahlo (or Liz as I'm seeing people referring to you as)...I really enjoyed making this.
Perhaps I will seek out more vocals (looking at you @benjo, as you mentioned collabs a while back...)...perhaps...
Liz, please add whatever you'd like to say!

LIZ say: what an honor to be the first collab for splittybooms as this turned out really cool! I think the vocals are just fine and I love the groove! I really love when the keys take off and the energy and repetition in the chorus/outro section. Pretty addicting. Cool buzz on that bass too! What fun! Thank you for grabbing this and running with it! This could be my theme song!


(lyrics by kahlo2013)
strangers stood at the door
both needing to get through
but obstructing one another as
they didn't know what to do

they sucked in all their breath
stood there till they were blue
too Introverted to say first
"Pardon me, after you..."

it's just another
awkward introvert moment
when the right words
have not been well spoken

it's just another
awkward introvert moment
when social norms
have been oddly broken

she sat on her old sofa
holding tight to her phone
worried it just might ring
yet so tired of being alone

wondering what she'd say
fretting she didn't really know
too introverted to say hi, hello
too anxious to leave home

it's just another
awkward introvert moment
when the right words
have not been well spoken

it's just another
awkward introvert moment
when social norms
have been oddly broken

but all introverts know there are crazy times
when their odd inner extrovert might escape
and that's why I'm at home alone tonight
to avoid that exhaustive....embarrassing.... inexcusable fate..

it's just another
awkward introvert moment
when the right words
have not been well spoken

it's just another
awkward introvert moment
when social norms
have been oddly broken

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Good job steering away from Holding Back the Years (I'll keeeeeeeeep holdin' on....) and carving your own melodic space. This vocal performance is not nearly so bad as you give it credit for!

Structurally, this is a great pop song. Quality lyrics and quality chord structure = lovely song. Nice work, you two!

Nice fusion feel.

I like the vocal track processing you did.

What DAW are you using? I ask because sometimes for organic analog, people/instruments getting how to get "head-space" and presence manually can help down this long musical road. There are two effective ways I am aware of, one using a totally dry track, and another using basic Reverb, -- I use Audacity for it's control and no plug-ins to be tempted by. I don't think you need me "instructing" and I mention it only since if you plan on singing more, and I think you should, you're on key, decent texture, -- why not since it only gets better once you get the feel for control and deliberate intonation.

Anyway, -- not trying to "teach", just say'in and fyi'in just in case you are fused to the tech and never tried to see some of how the plugins work, in a manner of speaking, by manually building the effect. They can only do what you could do manually, well, more or less, so to speak. Again, I like the processing you did, just know you got options if you look into it. Then do the filters and software. Once you know you've got a voice you can work with, get the natural solid, then blow it up Crazy

Great collaboration for you both, -- haven't heard one like this in a while, impressive.

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My brain would not have gone to R&B music for this lyric but it works perfectly. Well done and welcome to the crazy world of 5090 collaboration!

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As an introvert and uncomfortable singer I really enjoyed this collab!

Splittybooms - nice to hear you singing Smile

Kahlo - I enjoyed the lyrics - you capture this so well.

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This has a great vibe. The vocals sound really good to me. I understand what Ustaknow means about using the "tech" to try and improve the vocals - I have gone a little more "natural" these days when tracking and add to the dry track.. however, whatever works for you (and what you did for this track certainly works).
I loved the way this started of cool and jazzy then built up towards the end. Liz writes some fantastic lyrics - a top notch collab.

Go mate. Excellent job. Good choice on these cool lyrics of liz. Really enjoyed that! Very well put together!

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This is so awesome! Fantastic lyrics and a great interpretation! Love this collaboration.

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V2 is so me. I hate the phone. Then I have to talk. :P Lots of coolness in this track. It's got a sort of minimal R&B dance thing going on that is super smooth.

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Very nicely done! great 'feel' to the track, and the vocal does a great job of conveying the message of the song- love the percussive and melodic musical backing and the little production touches all work together well... and a clear and incisive well put together lyric, too..

great build to that last chorus too... with the bass and piano adding alot.

great work all around!

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Really like the vocal treatments; gives the song some real character - which is not easy when you're working with R&B patterns. As an introvert myself, I can identify with those awkward moments that seem to part and parcel of the personality type.

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what a great collab, really strong lyrics and the music is so r&b smooth. love the piano, such a complete and rounded song. nice work both of you

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I like the melody/delivery on the title lines. And the addition of the tweaked vocal as a doubled line is cool. I like the feel of your rhythm/music track that glitchy bass run you throw in toward the end is cool. It's good to hear you sing. You've got a good voice and I think your performance here was pretty good.

Fun song. I can relate to the awkward introverted thing. I can't do it this funky, though.
Like the growly deep vocal part, and the chipmunk part, how they work together with the main vocals.
Loving that little piano part.