The Fog

The Fog

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Liner Notes: 

Wall of sound...

Like driving through heavy sonic fog...

Yes, that's me singing in falsetto/head voice. No audio trickery anywhere here. Just layers of guitars. Cheap Silvertone guitar, Katana-mini amp. S&P acoustic.


feel the fog
the hazy mist

feel the fog
its heavy kiss

feel the fog
be the fog
in the fog
lost in the fog

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Nice falsetto. The drones made me think sitar music. Except heavier. It was a very heavy fog.

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The tags: Metalfoot getting kinda loud? I gotta hear that. Nice wall of sound production. This is in My Bloody Valentine territory (with more low end, it would be there). I like the vocal, very high and lonesome. A little vibrato! This has a very cool atmosphere. Needs heavy, heavy drums down the road to do full production. But quite effective as it is. Fun listen, love it! And under 3:00, nice.

From the upcoming soundtrack "This Might Get Kinda Loud"

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I absolutely love how the short lyrics still are very effective and touches you. The weirdness of the soundscape creates a very intense and interesting amosphere

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I'm loving the wall of sound approach.
And the repetition.
I'm a sucker for repetition.
A sucker
for repetition.
Really really nice.
Well done.
I love it.
I coulda listened to another ten minutes of that.

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From the initial guitars I was expecting something industrial, but this treads a very different path. Original and interesting. Very cool stuff, Alex!