Poetic License

Poetic License

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Liner Notes: 

Nancy: Mike got inspired by a conversational tangent and wrote these funny lyrics faster than I can even type. I set them and tried to render the sound of the Shakey's Pizza Parlor upright pianos of my childhood.

Mike: Nancy and I were having a typical stream-of-consciousness songwriting chat, and the phrase 'poetic license has been revoked' was used-and from there, this lyric kind of wrote itself (with a little help from chapter headings from 'the elements of eloquence' which is a great book, btw). Nancy totally captured the nature of this with her music and recording...


I used to use metaphors so organically
And rhetoric, synaesthesia, and epistrophe
But now my language doesn’t flow like a symphony
My poetic license has been revoked

One too many reckless personifications
And I all but abused alliteration
With characteristic character assassination
My poetic license has been revoked

My poetic license has been a curse
An ellipsis of evil from the universe
If I go on like this, it might get much worse
My poetic license has been revoked

music, vocals, instruments- Nancy Rost
lyric- Mike Skliar

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i love these songs in the style of the old English music halls. i can just see the singer skipping off to exit stage left after the third reiteration of the clever verse resolution.

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Well. Ellipsis of evil is a tag I cannot pass by. In these authoritarian times, even the poetic license is at risk. Abusive around-the-clock-alliteration? Revoked! Oh, reckless personifications! Is that, too, now risky?

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Aww. Cute song. Love the old time feel of the tune. Love the clever word play. Always like it when someone strings together multi syllable words in such an effective way. Makes it feel really intelligent. Nice work. You're poetic licence shouldn't be revoked. Nice.

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Absolutely delightful! So many great lines... all the poetic abuses and wrongdoings!! Great lyric!! And the piano and other instruments - clarinet (?) - are superb! Love this tune immensely and was a huge childhood fan of the piano and banjo at the Shakey's we used to go to. You nailed the feeling of the piano on this!

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Holy moly! How did I miss this one? This is right up my alley. I love the 1930s vibe and the fun with words. Your poetic license may have been revoked, but you're still flying! I love the fun in this!