No Mask For Those Eyes

No Mask For Those Eyes

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Liner Notes: 

Started on time, finishing up late, but happy!

Thanks, Corinne! Smile

The prompt was "Mask" and I'm in a decidedly anti-mask frame of mind lately, working on showing up, so here we are.


You don't want to let on that you're afraid
That you can't keep all the promises you made
And you keep on overextending
'cause you don't know how to end it, with your head above
Don't you know that you're loved?

There's no mask for those eyes
They can't be used to tell lies
I can see right through your smile
'cause you're looking all the while
Like you might break down and cry
There's no mask for those eyes

You don't want to be heavy on my mind
You don't want to take too much of my time
So you make a joke to cover
All the pain that you sweep under
Under the rug
Don't you know that you're loved?


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Gentle, tender, beautiful and supportive loving song. Gorgeous simple acoustic delivery works well to convey the sentiment. We all need a friend like this!

Glad you showed up. Nice gentle delivery of a kind lyric! Nice skirmish

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Very nice, caring love song. The alternate tuning gives it a unique backing that really works well. Good skirmish.

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Sad song but very gently sung. It's a nice take on the prompt to be exposed witb no mask. Emotion and atmosphere comes across well.

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I like the chorus quite a bit. That title line is very well done. Your easy delivery makes this more of an observational perspective than a sad song, although the emotion still comes through. I like the arrangement, too. It works very well with guitar and voice. I could see this being the quiet, personal song in a set of otherwise more UP tunes.

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Oh this is beautiful. Transports me to a secret 60's place.

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Sad, poignant song, very moving. Amazing atmsophere. Very beautiful take on a prompt. Loving your lyrics, music, vocals and playing. So gentle, loving and intimate.

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I like the gentleness of this, sharing the truth in a patient, trustworthy way. The guitar in that tuning is so pleasing. I like the chord movement in the chorus a lot, opening out beyond the soothing verses.

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I really like that chorus. The gentle delivery goes well with the sentiment of not being able to hide behind a mask.