Do Not Mess With My Weekend

Do Not Mess With My Weekend

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Liner Notes: 

LOL weekends are sacred. I refuse to work overtime during them. I refuse to commit to things that fall on weekends.
I'm the typical "my job sucks" kind of person, and I usually CRAWL into the weekends from the stress and teeth-gratingly monotony and pointlessness of my day-to-day.
So when Fridays hit after work, I literally feel a physical shift.
This song started out as some blippy drums that you hear in the beginning, then the sawy bass. I kept finding sounds to add, then that little main riff was conjured up. Really simple riff. Just built it up and wanted that wall-of-sound thing going on.
I was listening back, and wondered if I could find any vocal samples that could go somewhere here. I found one that was titled "all weekend", which is the pitched up vocal you hear.
As the song got meaner and meaner, I thought about the vocal sample and meanness...what would make me 'mean' about the weekend?? Well...if someone took my weekend and messed with it...made me do something I don't wanna do with my weekend time.
That...that would be a mistake.
This song sounds like what my face would be doing if someone messed with my weekend!!!

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Oh, I really enjoyed this. The "weekend" sample was fun. Nice beat, great groove. Very listenable. Smile

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Hee hee - I totally hear you on this. Weekends are when I catch up on sleep and do the things I no longer have time for during the week.

This is beautifully put together with a fine ear for how different sounds and timbres will best fit together. Really enjoyable listen.