Heard your song

Heard your song

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Liner Notes: 

This is a song about a rather ancient breakup. She wrote a really beautiful instrumental song that I knew later was about a guy she was possibly in love with. I heard that song recently and it inspired this one.

The storm in this song is a metaphor, there was no storm in our relationship other than the breakup. But Hurricane Florence has been in the news so much this week that it ended up being a strong theme in this song.

Acoustic guitar, fretless bass, electric guitar, fake drums.

(edited to add: This song is more "true" and less fictional than a lot of stuff I write. This one is probably really about my life at that time, now far in the past, than a lot of my songs that have strong fiction elements.)


After the storm we mopped the floor
it caught us unprepared
after the storm we told the truth
the arc of a love affair

After the storm the wreckage
washed ashore
After the storm I realized
you didn't love me any more

Heard the song about the man you loved
it didn't mention my name
now he's gone
and so am I
I'm waving goodbye, goodbye

After the storm I could not believe
a single word you said
After the storm my love for you
hung by a thread

After the storm we counted
adding up the losses
After the storm we found ourselves
where the road crosses

After the storm we had a talk
lost in the haze
After the storm we both went
went our separate ways

After the storm I laid your burdens down
and picked up my own
After the storm I walked away
walked away alone

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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The melody soars with wonderful emotion and the strom is an apt (and timely) metaphor. Great guita and vocal on this conveys the break up well - the last stanza tugs at the heart.

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Powerful stuff. The line about the song is a story in itself, and I like that you let it just stand on its own. (And the harmonies there - also powerful.) Starting with mopping the floor works perfectly, the wet mess. That last verse is one I can especially relate to. I didn't know what to say on the forum thread, but I'm glad you decided to go ahead and write this.

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nice guitar and vocals. the melody adds a lot of feeling to the lyrics.

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Storm is an apt metaphor for sure! And as usual, solid guitar lines and a catchy melody here.

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Really nice work on this. Love the vocals--and a nice music arrangement to show them off. Good job!!

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I like that your song conveys a sense of tranquillity along with the melancholy and disappointment. The music makes me walk through a landscape lit by a sad sun. Your chords talk about blighted hopes, then open up to suggest there is lucidity and courage too. The hammering of the words "after the storm" constantly remind us of the wreckage, but your arrangements are a metaphor beyond the metaphor. Clever and beautiful, I listened several times and enjoyed it very much.

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Great and intence performance, very heartfelt. Lovely and catchy song and super great guitar.

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Really great lyrics thoughtfully showcased with your music. I like the imagery and the story progression. Nicely done!

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Lovely melody, and the background vocals work well. I like the way that tremelo-ey electric guitar accents the acoustic one. Nice solo as well!

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Really good track. I like the repetition of the "After the storm..." phrase. The vocals are good and the backing part, too. Great guitars - the acoustic and the tremolo chords are nice and work really well together. I really like the melodic lead part when it comes in in the second verse.

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very nice all round, i like the concept and the link to the song you were not in, and i like the storm metaphor and imagery, and the repetition of after the storm, really strong vocals/delivery and some great electric guitar sounds in there

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I like your melody throughout, but especially the chorus. It feels right. It's a good arrangement and I like the lead line that adds a nice touch to the song. The more I listen the more I like this song.