Always You're In My Dreams

Always You're In My Dreams

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Liner Notes: 

Started this back in July; had basic vocal sample, some synths, and basic drums; in a loop.
I couldn't take it further at that time and had written it off.
But I kept listening to it over time. Still, I couldn't really hear how to make it into a song.
Today, I've been going back to these kinds of tracks and FINISHING them. I liked this one too much to let it sit.
So I did some arranging, added more synths, found 3 more vocal samples to plop in places, and did some stuff to the drums.
Besides the vocals at 1:29-1:49 (they are too dry and don't sit well in the mix for me...should've spent more time with them), I love this song.
I don't care what anyone says, I love it.
If I ever do an album, this will be on it. I would pay money to have this mixed and mastered professionally.
A tweak more here and there and I think this could be one of my favorite songs in my library (50/90 or otherwise).
I hope you enjoy.

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This is awesome! I like the mix and the synth vocals work really well here. He driving beat is fantastic and conveys an energy and power that I really like. Kudos!

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Wow! I know I’m late to your fan club, but Liz definitely finds great people to collaborate with on her lyrics, so I decided to check out some of your other work. Your production skills are amazing. Nice work on this. I can see why it is a favorite.

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I can see why you like this one a lot. I like the percussion, the vocal samples sound good and are well used. (Just take the time to fix what you don't like, as it sounds good to me.) And the synth work is good, too. I like the arrangement, the slow build and then release.