I Just Want It

I Just Want It

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Liner Notes: 

Started this on 8/7/18, finished it off today.
Another one that started off as a loop, then I went back and structured it and added some bits and bobs.
I wanted to make a 90's-ish R&B track around the 2 vocal samples you hear. I was thinking Mary J. Blige, Brandy, maybe even going back a little farther with some Michel'le.
Got the drum track just right for that old school bounce, then played that little thing you hear at around 1:11 on that pan flute/vibra type thingy...classic 90s in my opinion.
Added a little bouncy arp in the background towards the end for just a moment, until fading out in classic style lol
Perhaps some vocals on this someday.

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I think you did it, great work.

It being the 90's, could slap'd dat Bass for funkification of the musication, cross over fusionesk; as they may have said back then, hahhh. It has allot of potential for many directions. A solid beat and focused chord prog always does.