Give Me Love

Give Me Love

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Liner Notes: 

This started out as an 8 bar loop, just as most of my stuff does.
Had only the drums, synths, and the vocals; no structure.
That was back in July, and this was gonna be worked on for 50/90, but I never went back to it.
Did today.
I worked on an arrangement for it, did a drum variation for the break. Tweaked the vocal. Added piano.
I loved this vocal sample when I first heard it and have made about 3 different attempts to use it in a track; this is the one I settled on.
Didn't want to do too much piano on this, just some little stuff.
Tried to keep things mellow and have nothing jarring in the song; while hopefully the drum track hits the rhythm nerve nice and easy.

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I think you nailed chill with the piano and vocal sample. There's one synth - lower pitch kinda choppy - that adds a lot of energy, but maybe takes away from the chill vibe. This was a fun listen. Thanks for sharing it.