Soul Searching

Soul Searching

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Original Music -Soul Searching - Armadillos After Dark

Liner Notes: 

Original Music -Soul Searching - Armadillos After Dark - Chill Wave Electronica - mysterious sythnesizers meet classic 808 and glitchy drums while you look through the blinds at the traffic, lost in thought.

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I love this Pearl! I feel like this needs to be in a movie soundtrack and its so just chill and laid back. I could see myself falling asleep to this, the heavy bass kick and the slight hip hop elements of it. This one is a Pearl, Pearl. You've KILLED IT here! This is absolutely my favorite song you've ever made <3

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So rich delicious and transforming. I love the interplay of layers as they swirl and evolve so brilliantly. Would truly be awesome in a sound track or in an art installation where the music is playing and the video surrounds the listener in an otherwise dark room - totally immersion. Really wonderful!

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I loved listening to this, would definitely enjoy it on a loop. And my oh my did that video capture my heart and speak to my own way of seeing! Thank you for that beautiful combination.

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Soundtrack to a dream state - I'd like to do some of my breathing techniques to this. Pretty, subtly intense, ultimately groovy. Good stuff!