Familiarity Is What Sells

Familiarity Is What Sells

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Liner Notes: 

I recorded the instrumental track in July and just gave it a listen. It had kind of a drifting feeling to it. Then I thought of how my electric car drifts forward, like an internal combustion engine does when idling, even the electric motor does not need to idle. It was designed in to the car to give it more of a feeling of familiarity. To be honest, that was one of the things I liked about the car when I test drove the car it felt very familiar, which honestly was a selling point or my wife and I. So I started listing other items that don't serve the same function but have carried over from the past. Like the QWERTY keyboard configuration were originally designed to slow typists on a manual typewriter down so they wouldn't wreck the mechanism.


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Familiarity Is What Sells

Drift ahead
like running on lead
black and blue smoke smells
funny why computer keys spell QWERTY

Watching the traffic signal
turn from green to yellow
Thinking familiarity is what

Dial on the radio
With pre-set stations
playing top forty am
hits from the 70’s
The same 300 song

Turn the key
like cranking the flywheel
the dashboard lights up says ready
funny why the nose is still square

Repeat Chorus

Drift ahead
like running on lead
Thinking familiarity is what sells

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I didn't know that about QWERTY. I like the comparisons. There's an almost surreal quality to the drifting music with your spoken words, familiar but somehow scary too!

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That's a cool and at the same time sad chord progression. Love that chorus, especially when you sing 'turn from green to yellow'. Nice and slow with a drifting feel indeed!

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There is a slightly melancholy feel to the music which fits the lyrics well - complacency and familiarity create the mundane. Well done Andy!

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your title is an unfortunate truth, and even if youdrive an electric car, you are still on the same repitition treadmill. so the closer the electric car resembles a gas car, the more likely it is to sell. and some guys hve a whole string of ex girlfriends who all look alike.