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Liner Notes: 

Standup: Watching the political circus last week I was struck by the word "lodestar", which is a good one. It's an older term for the pole star, used in navigation. I sent some lyric fragments to Nancy Rost, she sent back a much more complete lyric, and we finished it with a bit of back-and-forth. Nancy composed the music, and I sang it and played guitar and uke bass.

nancyrost: I enjoyed the strange and unpredictable development of this song, from the catalyst of a word to lyrical puzzle pieces to hints of a story. I played two organ parts and sing the word "lodestar" (or is that Loadstar, "the name of a truck made for awhile in the 20th century", per standup's research?)


I got this shirt it don’t fit round
I got it at the lost and found
Leaves my belly out to gape
Just like me, bent out of shape

A shirt emblazoned Loadstar, Loadstar

You gave me these pills but I don't know
Will they give me direction to go
Pierce my vision like the high beams
Shining through the vapor of my dreams

Blinded to my lodestar, lodestar

Caught in a thousand pointless lights
When all I need is one tonight
To point my way to a better place
Where I can find a little grace

Looking for my lodestar, lodestar

many times I lost my way
you were my guide
my shattered faith
left by the wayside

My body aches when it rains
my sight is fogged again
white lines still flipping by
not home yet but i can try

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really good lyrics supported by an inventive arrangement and brought to life with a strong melody and vocal performance.

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Excellent collaboration. Interesting word and pretty cool how you put it all together.

I like that it was a back and forth collaboration. Also the lyrics have a depth with connections to the past and present. Great collab!

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Fantastic collaboration - has an epic feel with the organs, other layers and their interplay. I love how the lyrics evolved! Great hook and love the longing quality in the lyric. Melody flow and vocals draw me in!

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Wow, this is so good! I love the organs and the message of lodestar!

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Very beautiful collab. Lyrics are emotional and the music fits well. Super good job guys.

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this is wonderful- the music and lyric really fit together well, and it feels like a song that could be written yesterday or 40 years ago, its got that 'classic' feel...

I love the lyric 'caught in a thousand pointless lights, when all i need is one tonight'- killer line!!

great work both of you!

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You two on collaborations are just...something. All I can do is applaud. (even if you don't put your names in the filename!)

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This is ready for primetime, in my opinion. Its got all the vibes that I personally like: chill voice, chill guitar, atmospheric organ, great lyrics.
Basically...this is just friggin awesome.