Shes Moving

Shes Moving

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Liner Notes: 

Lyrics by @dsweidel original song post here . In putting the lyrics to music I was trying to channel Johnny Cash.


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She’s Moving On
Baritone guitar tuning BEADF#B

She’s spent her time
In suits and heels
She’s ready for a switch

Her bags are packed
To get away
The city life she’ll ditch

She’s worked so hard
To get to this
A life filled with much stress

She’s moving on
It’s overdue
She’s changing her address

She’s moving to the country
Exploring great new lands
Trading big skyscrapers
For daily life unplanned
The hectic day to day
She’s leaving far behind
Escaping traffic jams
Ready to clear her mind

Not going to miss
The daily rush
She’s making it her past

Her bags are packed
She’s moving on
Her life changing so fast


Trading pumps for boots
Beemer for a pick up
Giving up the city lights
Chased her savings plan
Trading all life’s drama
For clear and starry nights


Not going to miss
The nine to five
She’s making it her past

Her bags are packed
She’s giving up
A life moving too fast

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Gosh can I relate! Just moved back to the country and I do not miss it at all. Great writing!