49 Days

49 Days

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Liner Notes: 

I know, I know - should have made this one song number 49! But after I had already posted my 49th song, I learned that Buddha meditated under the tree 49 days before he became enlightened.


How long, you ask, til
This job pays
I say, you gotta work 49 days

How long, you ask, to escape
Your misery
I say, sit 49 days under this tree

How long, you ask, to hold the
Hand of God
How ‘bout 49 days
Though the number seems odd

How long, you ask, to see
Through the haze
To that, I reply
49 days

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What a good song! Love the idea and you sure brought it to life!

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Buddhist blues should be a new genre. I like the variations-on-a-theme lyrics, clever and breezy. And that prominent, minimal blues piano has such a fun feel!

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Love your piano / guitar arrangement and the way you mixed it. The song is a lyrically inventive expansion of the blues lexicon. 49 Days. Put it n the blues concordance. like the way you sing it as well.

It's a fun song, well done. -- it's innovative and "fresh" (risking cliche); well done.

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Yeah. I'd forgotten about the 49 days. Great hook for a song
Well done

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Meh, you don't need 49 days; you can do all that stuff immediately.
It's all just a state of mind, as you well know.
Great song, though.
I like the piano accents.
Really appealing for sure, as are all your tunes.

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Ah yes Buddhist blues at its finest! Clever and catchy! Enjoyed!

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I dig this.
Interesting concept and nice job putting lyrics to it; the bluesyness enhances them and was a perfect choice for the lyrics in my opinion.
Fun song.
Hoped you would just jam out with some licks at the end Smile