When The Night Comes

When The Night Comes

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Liner Notes: 

Well, it really has slowed down here now... only the most hard-core persist! Crazy and so it goes...

I was trying to not post this one without music, but not sure when, in the next couple of days I'll get to consider musicating it; I want to still be active here, so here it is. This one, (likely my last here this session, I think), again to me, appears ambiguous so wanted music with it, since may help make some sense of it, -- maybe it does not appear to ambiguous to others, so we'll see; -- what do you think it's about? Smile if you think anything at all, let'er rip.

I never planned on this many songs and am not planing on 50. I never do. I think this is the seventh lyric only, then music to follow, so take away 7 from the total -- 30 "songs". To bad there isn't a way to re-post and not increment the count, -- oh well who's counting anyway! (The hard part for me comes figuring out which ones may still be here in a year Smile )

***Since only the most hard-core remain, and in particular reading this***; I plan on picking, I think 7 songs from here to then put under a graphic as an "Album". I know there is a consistent "album" of work here and the "3" graphic (sudo-8-ball) was part of what initiated it.
-- If you care to, name 7, pick the listing number to ID it , no need to write all that out; otherwise, -- thanks folks! You've made this one of the most enjoyable of FAWM's or 5090's Smile


When the night comes
I hope, it's not coming for me
Me, you, us, we all have need

It's all for me
It' all for you
It's all for us to keep

Problem is, I want...
I want to keep it more
Don't want to feel poor - ly, in my need

When the night comes
I know it will, it comes for me
You, me, us, we all have need

So take this time, time today
Make sure you know it's your pre-pay
Take the cash-day-run, spend it all, Oh - Kay

When the night comes,
I hope its not you,
And, not me..., passover me my
Red mantel set..., please

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I love the images that pop in my head when I see, "When the night comes..." And you did well with it. Good one!

I here the screams of the music waiting to break forth. They sang to me in my head! Its such an open lyric it could make a really good song. I hear the deep voice and the long pauses. When the night......... comes.

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Seems pretty open to interpretation, but standard metaphors of night meaning something not so pleasant come to mind reading this. seems like it flows well. Sparseness of words leave it wide open to a variety of melody possibilities. I think it will sing well once you musicate it, and the depth of emotion you can produce when you sing should really bring these words to life.

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Very interesting lyrics, open to different interpretations. I hope to hear them.

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The first line are absolutely fab leading the listener into the story, I hope I get to hear them.