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50/90 song #37 “July”

Liner Notes: 

The take falls apart towards the end, but you'll get the idea! I'm happy with how this one turned out. I was in kind of a rut for a minute, and this one helped me get out of it. Now I just need to practice singing and playing in 5/4...


It's all been erased
No more
We knew
We borrowed our time
It's been used

Close both your eyes
Some will leap with faith
Others guess
Early July
No time to hang on to fear

Imagine anew
All that we wanted came true
And still I wonder how we knew
We had everything and nothing to lose

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Very good writing and performance. I was impressed by the way the intricate guitar part is matched by the vocal melody. The lyrics are very interesting, the lines 'Early July
No time to hang on to fear'
are very good.