Lycan Story

Lycan Story

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Liner Notes: 

How it feels to be a person going through a difficult transition.


Lycan Story

7 miles back, 7 miles back to my house
Got my schoolbooks packed, got my schoolsbooks packed, and I just found out
Every kind of thing, that rustles through my brain, you know I don't make a sound
Until the twilight sets in

Nothing really makes sense any more, when the mind's blown
What the hell happened, I cannot fathom, with this stubborn stone
There are strange howls in the night, now I can't find my
Old hand me downs, I'll wear them around, and hide this new bite

80 minutes in, 80 minutes into this mood
Filter out the cold, filter out the cruel, noises that turn true
Every kind of rain, rattles through my brain, you know I don't make any sounds
Until the twilight sets in

So far i'm good
But I don't know if i'm right

(c)2018 Peter Arvidson Music
(c)2018 Sara Janda Art

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Valerie Cox's picture

Poor, confused werewolf. Kinda feel sorry for the pup. Smile Nice blend of guitars. Those backing vocals that weave in and out in places make it almost like the voices in your head. Pretty cool.

Cicpisces's picture

Nice meandering folk tune. Liked the harmonies. Guitars gave it a gentle flow. Some nice lyrics there too. Werewolf theme is dark but you put a good spin on it. Well done.

The music seems happy enough! The old lycanthropes always are the misunderstood ones, who seem to want to better. Nice concept

nancyrost's picture

This is a great teenage folk-pop tune, love the heartfelt delivery.

Jerry Pettit's picture

Wow! First of all, great guitar tone on this--really grabs you from the beginning. WONDERFUL vocal!! Super good job!