Between Electrons

Between Electrons

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Liner Notes: 

When I made this song I had a vision of the vastness of the universe but in reverse ... in other words the infinite nature of the microscopic world that exists both all around us and within us. When I look at the universe it gives me a sense of awe and wonder and the same goes when I try to imagine the world at an atomic level and I just wanted to somehow capture just a little of that feeling in a song. I'm not sure whether I succeeded to any degree but from a personal viewpoint when I listen to this song and close my eyes I get a bit of picture of the vast ( although infinitely small) yet swarming spaces as the layers of nature are peeled back and each microscopic leap reveals yet further wonders that lie within ... or maybe it's just a meaningless song ... up to you Smile

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The spacey synth does have a great deal of spaciousness. Then the guitars and drums kick in after 1:30. Makes me think about all of the electrons that must be flowing through the wires around me.