Change The Pace

Change The Pace

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Liner Notes: 

Music put to this inspirational lyric by @Chandra83


Change The Pace
Open D7sus4 tuning DADGAC
Lyrics by Chandra83
D(D6) - ooo2o2; D13(Eadd9add11) - oo2oo2; F6add9(G6) - 32oooo; D7sus4(Em7add11) - oooooo;

Repeat through three times: dirge, moderate, march with dirge on last verse

[D(D6)] Follow the leader
[D13(Eadd9add11)] Into the dark
[F6add9(G6)] There's no hope
[D7sus4(Em7add11)] There's no spark

[D(D6)] Where we're going
[D13(Eadd9add11)] Is the pits of Hell
[F6add9(G6)] Satan was an angel
[D7sus4(Em7add11)] Until he fell

[D(D6)] And now we're going
[D13(Eadd9add11)] To the same empty place
[F6add9(G6)] And we have no choice
[D7sus4(Em7add11)] If we don't change the pace.

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The dark feeling to this track fits the heavy lyrics really well. Accelerating each time through was a great way of sonically painting "change the pace".

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seem So many seem to keep doing the same thing over and over when they know it's not working for them
Good collab

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This is incredible beautiful and smashngly gorgeous. The darkness is overwhelming and catches you. Both in melody and performance. Love love love this. This is awesome Andy.