Pistol Bump Pillow

Pistol Bump Pillow

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Liner Notes: 

This is a short one, and of the kind I normally don't necessarily record, quick exercise and save for later -- but felt like it today. Weird, quirky for me maybe; fun maybe? I don't know... something there? Not sure. It kinda goes sideways, right?

Anyway, this is how it came out and is based in real events of some kind as I comment, Smile but won't bore you-all with a long liner note about all that, krappe, (another one of those reoccurring mind-videos that pops in/out Crazy probably some ptsd remnant, hahhh).

I was "obviously" ? thinking about the plain vanilla, 1 4 5 progression ... but could not go blues or "doo-wop", etc. -- so, we get this!


I keep thinking 'bout all, the things get said
I don't want to make a big thing, or get mad
But this life thing can be, a real drag
It's hard to sleep, with a pistol bumped pillow
But my days are all..., up hills and low
G G sus | // // |
So, wake me up slow, or risk I might kill you

Old habbits die hard, and you're my best one
So please understand, don't mean to demand none
I'm a little paranoid, it's a boys band
No breaking, entering, strong armed robbery
It's so hard to get, a good, grand jury
G G sus | // // |
But the DA's OK, and takes monthly payments

I can shoot an aspirin, across the lot
A match head at 10 feet, unless you want it lit
Just don't ask for mercy if close enough to hit me

To lazy to work, to scared to steel
It's the life of Police work it's so not a quirk
G G sus | // // |
Twenty years to retire from all the muck and mire

D D sus
Unless I get shot,
Then I guess, then not
ohh ohh well...

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Strong story telling in the lyrics here. The tune does its job of supporting the words in the time honoured wandering troubadour style; americana/folk rock style.

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Those G strings they might kill you Lol I kind of see it as a reggae tune with a pinch of grunge but that's me - it flows really nice

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I love the lyrics to this and the way they sound while you sing them. People forget about how the lyrics can be musical separately from the meaning they hold. Paul Simon is a master of using lyrics musically. Anyway, that's what I noticed about this one.

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You so often amaze me with your clever and fun songs! Good job!

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that first chord made me think we were in for something like honky tonk women, this is better than all those sappy monologues by policemen in movies going on to some woman about their work.. i dont know many people who would pass on a title like this.

Yes, the girlfriend of the time walked in on me (to surprise me) middle of the night sleeping, and almost got shot, what I was thinking when came up with the Title. Hillbilly woman she was, said, "put that thing away and move over" Crazy Didn't break a sweat, --God luv her... my "Josephine..." hahahaha Crazy

-- Thanks Bill!

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Your voice tone, as always, is key here for me.
Goes so well with the strumming.
I've come to appreciate 'singer-and-guitar' stuff since joining 50/90. When the voice is captive, I enjoy it more, such as your pieces.
Reading your reply to billwhite51, that's awesome lol That woman wasn't playing around lol

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This is a great song, and a departure for you!
The title drew me in, for sure. The words have an old-time blues/folk/bluegrass feel, and the music a sort of if-Velvet-Underground-were-acoustic thing. So an awesome blend of things I love.