Autumn Breeze (Florida Style)

Autumn Breeze (Florida Style)

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Liner Notes: 

I saw the prompt about halfway through the Sunday skirmish, so I wrote the lyrics then and recorded today.

This one sounds a lot like a cover song I perform, and it also sounds like other 12-bar blues shuffles - ones I've written and ones I've heard. But it's fun to play, and it's another song. One away from 50 now!


Stepped outside, thought I felt the first hint of fall
By the time I put on my shoes wasn’t there at all

September is a bitch down here in the Southeast
But it’s past August and heading to October at least

Oh it sure is swampy steamy terrain
I choose to be here so I don’t complain
But an autumn breeze round here is a hurricane

I got November on my mind
But I’ll take whatever breeze right now I can find

Autumn breeze will be here soon enough
I am Florida Man and I am weathered and tough

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lovely and descriptive. I could really feel this one!! 12 bar blues is 12 bar blues just a vehicle for a message or song and this is a good story

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Cookin' blues number that stays right on topic. Dig the modulation going into the last verse. Always a good interest refresher.

Interesting how many of us localized our songs. You've got hurricane season, I've go huntin' season, our Aussie friend has an opposite season, metalfoot's lookin' at a hard winter. Good, wide open prompt.

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Great blues riffing and catchy tune. Nice skirmishing!

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One of your best I think! Wonderful take on the skirmish!

Whats a slightly used melody and familiar chord progression among friends?