We Are Shaped

We Are Shaped

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Liner Notes: 

Hey everybody, Liz is singing backing vocals and counterpoint! She wrote these positive and uplifting lyrics to a guitar track I sent. It seemed to me like it should sound as if someone started playing the song and more and more people joined in as it went, so that's what I tried to do. Enjoy!

Liz Says: the guitar track Val sent was easy to write lyrics for as the progression and pacing spoke to me right away. Then she sent it back to me and said to sing on the chorus. GULP. The wee bit of singing was challenging for me. I have done quick iPhone songs before with my guitar and uke and sang with my own garage band tracks before but never tried to sing with someone offline for online or do harmonies and make tracks to send to Val. I sent her melody and low and high harmony tracks and she put them together and made them sound better than I could have imagined they would have. Thanks, Val, grateful for the gift of your music and patience!


the earth holds our history
of buried dreams and treasures
remnants of old secrets
shaped by changing weather
the gravity of its belly
pulls us deeply in
grounding where we are
guarding where we've been

we are shaped
by the world around us
we are blessed
by heavens above
and we are enriched
by endless flowing love

the seas hold our mysteries
that flow in waves and measures
of music and cadences
with lasting beauty forever
the cycles of its currents
flow and swirl around
helping us find joy
bringing wonder to us now


the heavens hold our fantasies
of wanted dreams and pleasures
paintings of vivid colors
bright and dark together
the rays of its shining lights
draws our gazes high
protecting where we're at
guiding where we'll fly


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thats great and its the chorus that really lifts it so well done! really enjoyed it!

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yeah what a great topic
and all so true
love the opening guitar
i imagined i was playing
what a catchy chorus
you really got this down good work

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What's not to love? My gosh, this is so uplifting and special and I love you both singing!

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when the chorus came around, i reached for my headphones to fully enjoy those harmonies from Liz and Valerie. Then I started the song from the start, this time with my headphones on. the lyrics are spectacular, some of the best I have heard from Liz. and Valeries music is just as enticing as her vocals. a superior collab from two major talents. thoroughly enjoyable.

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Great collab! It feels like that warm glow at the end of a good concert where everybody's feeling connected. I'm so glad Liz got to sing on this - really brings out the feeling of universality to have different voices singing together. Val, I feel like I'm hearing an new side to your voice and I really like it.

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Great collab. Beautiful lyrics. Vocal of emotion and an uplifting chorus. Love the way you built the production. Nice job.

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Yes, I too like how your vocals go together. Sounds great, ladies! I like the sound of that guitar, very intimate and close, supports the feel of the lyrics.

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Love the build, and the harmonies and counter melodies really add a lot. Nicely done.

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nice flowing music/melody and great to hear the backing vocals joining this collab