With Electricity There’s A Price To Pay

With Electricity There’s A Price To Pay

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Liner Notes: 

Sitting on the back patio on a humid Sunday evening I started noodling around in DADGAD until I heard (in my head) Sarah McQuaid singing the title in her style. [Note, Sarah is a wonderful indie artist and online acquaintance however she has no such song.] I didn't realize it was five minutes long until I finished recording.


With Electricity There’s A Price To Pay
DADGAD tuning

Intro and verses
repeat progression fret 5 7 9 7 on strings 345

Verse 1
Electric vehicle tailpipe emissions are zero
There’s wheel to well considerations
While replacing ICE miles on this end is a goal
Louie still has 40 percent of Bessie’s footprint

Chorus (repeat progression fret 9 7 5 on strings 234, last line 9 8 7 6 5)
With electricity there’s a price to pay
To keep it free from emissions
Unless its wind, water, or solar generation

Verse 2
Electric vehicle carbon footprint is complicated
Depends on the fuel at the power plant where chargers are located
As I add up electric miles I’m using more
Feels like its still better to ride my bike to the store

Repeat chorus

Bridge (repeat progression fret 12 11 on strings 345)
So we get renewable energy credits
To buy time until solar panels take us off the grid

Repeat intro

Verse 3
Neighbors air conditioners hum at least for today
Theres only so much fossil fuel in the ground to burn
Until emissions go away

Repeat chorus
Repeat intro

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That picking pattern is really cool! I could stand to learn a lot more about this subject, and you've got me thinking.

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Hypnotic Droney Goodness on the music. You covered a lot of exposition in the lyrics but it felt light with the airy music.

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Lovely picking and deep thoughts!
Most of the Manitoba power is hydro-electric with the remainder being solar and wind, just for what it's worth.
On the other hand, it's brutally cold here and there aren't a lot of EV stations yet.