Autumn Breeze

Autumn Breeze

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Liner Notes: 

host corinne54
prompt Autumn Breeze

For the verse progression I decided to use a geometric approach. Sort of a cross between Kurt Cobain and Howard Roberts "Sonic Shapes". It ended up Em G B D. Up 3 frets, next string diagonal then up 3 frets. Fun stuff.

Guitars: Guild D-25
Note: Skirmish: 1 hour to write and record


Autumn Breeze

When all the leaves start turning golden
The Summer heat starts cooling down
I'm about to get another year older
Feels like Fall is comin' 'round.

Clever white tails run for cover
Turkeys stay up in the trees
In the fresh cut hay I rediscover
The sweet, sweet smell of the Autumn breeze

The cold winds of the Winter not yet blowin'
Too early for a blanket of pure white snow
Not worried 'bout a freeze, put my mind at ease
Just the Autumn breeze to lead me as I go

I wake up on a cool October mornin'
A little patch of sunlight on the wall
I think back to the time that I was born in
Amazed at what I've seen as I lived through it all.


©2018 John W Hanberry (ASCAP)
All Rights Reserved

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I love that you put the deer and turkeys and smell of hay in here. These are real autumn images to me. Interesting chord-making process, and it works well for the feel of the words. Really beautiful.

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Great. You nailed it. Very accomplished song. Really enjoyed it as you took me round your neighbourhood in the different seasons. Beautiful melancholy twinge to this song. Made me feel of cosy warm pair of slippers. Great skirmish. I never knew turkeys could climb trees.

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@Cicpisces Yes, wild turkeys fly quite well especially the hens who have less body weight for about the same wing size. They like to perch in trees when not nesting.

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Awesome job on this and the marriage of music with the gorgeous melody and your wonderful vocals is perfect with the insightful beauty of the lyrics. Glad your power stayed on for this song. It is a skirmish keeper!

Very nice. Paints a good picture. Lovely melody. To me has a buffalo springfieldy feel

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Very interesting and cool take on a skirmish prompt. Unusual and instantly likable.

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Groovy chord progression and nice write all around. Love what you've done here.

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I love songs like this that touch on so many of the senses, including smell. And the animal imagery is compelling, reminds me of the start of fall hunting season where I grew up, and the accompanying crunch of the dried grass and frosty soil.

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Your approach works - what a song! I can relate, both in terms of the idea of aging and in my memories of Ohio autumns. Your voice is excellent here - smooth and expressive and down-home soulful.

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Fall is my favorite season, and I can follow the imagery with pleasure. And ease.

Sounds good, I would never have known you were using a secret geometric formula to get the chords. The melody works, so the pattern did not lead you astray.