Autumn Breeze (skirmish)

Autumn Breeze (skirmish)

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Liner Notes: 

Skirmish. Kinda calypso style. Short but fun doing it.


AUTUMN BREEZE (skirmish)
© Mark Greenberg September 9, 2018

I no wanna come across too strong
I no wanna act like I no belong
Imma wanna, imma wanna, immma wanna
Help you understand
Someday I hope be your man
Imma wanna walk and hold your hand

In Summer hot, in winter cold
Pavement burn or slick with snow
Imma wanna, imma wanna, immma wanna
Show you that I’m mild
Make you love me like a little child
Imma wanna put you at your ease
Imma play it cool like autumn breeze

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Nice jolly tune. Ive got "imma wanna" ringing in my head now. Tune was pretty catchy. Nice to squeeze the title in at the end with a great metaphor.

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Nice twist on the prompt! Charming concept and nice gentle delivery.

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Congrats on a wonderful first skirmish. You have a lovely melody and strong clear vocal delivery. I like the unique direction you took the prompt. Very gentle and beautiful sentiment.

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What a sweet, concise song. I like it but Imma wanna hear more! Great job. Welcome to skirmish world.

Yeah me as well. Good catch imma wanna. Nice use of the prompt.

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Nice use of prompt, "imma wanna" is a great hook. Sounds like you had fun skirmishing! Biggrin

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Very nice skirmish song. I want more! This ended too soon for me!!!

Your guitar on this sounds really good and your lyrics are very creative,