Stand Your Ground

Stand Your Ground

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Liner Notes: 

This is another one in my hybrid power pop/synth rock genre. I was having a lot of fun with blending/panning harmonies and other wacky thangs. The song is about persevering against any odds.


Waste the anger on the door
Wake the giver in the floor boards
Life will often ask for more
Bruises crystal into form

We all fall down sometimes
But we'll get back up, we'll get up, and get it again
We all lose sight sometimes
But we can't give up, we won't give, now its time to live

We'll swing from tree to tree
Like you've never seen
Above the branches we'll be climbing with the greatest of ease
We all fall down, now stand your ground

Soar above the molten core
Soothe the lover by the head board
Find a new resolve to mourn
Now you'll see what's in store

We all fall down, now stand your ground
We all fall down, now stand your ground
Now stand your ground
Now stand

(c)2018 Peter Arvidson Music
(c)2018 Sara Janda Art

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Great sentiment. Empowering. I like the production on this. Electronic spin sounds great. Chorus comes off great. Nice work.

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I'm really digging the vocals. Your playing, panning, blending and magic is working out for me. And I like the lyric, it's uplifting and persevering and strong. The melody fits very well. Synth pop rock, power pop sits firmly in your wheelhouse.

kahlo2013's picture

Peter. This is really wonderful! It is powerful as well as empowering! The chorus delivers such a wonderful message and I love the wonderful contrast between the chorus and verses. The poetry in the verses is wonderful. Wonderful dance groove. Love the keys/synth lines and their interplay with the guitars. Cool acapella outro!

sph's picture

Great track with nice transitions between the parts. I love these little rhythmic things that you do in the chorus. Bravo!

billwhite51's picture

love that speedy percussion lead in to the chorus, as well as all the other little bits that add up to a fine production. with a vocal that carries it through and puts it across.

rwc's picture

Very enjoyable track. I like the percussion leading into the chorus - and that in the chorus. The layered vocals are really good. The acoustic guitar and synths work really well together.

JWHanberry's picture

Very well done. The swirling background in the verses makes a good setting for the psychedelic lyrics. Then when it gathers itself and moves to the chorus it's a great release. I like it.

Yes, the orchestration makes it; great hook. (Personally I'd slow the hi-hat riff which I love, as a drummer, but would sound "more" "real" just slightly less; -- many won't care since know it's synth but, hey, why not?) Crazy

So, yes, more great work for you this year.