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Liner Notes: 

Another not-sure-what-its-about kinda thing. Late in 5090 it does seem like all things have been done before (am I writing the same song again???) and it does seem like "what's the point." BUT. I keep doing it. As do we all who are still hanging around.

Guitars with lots of echo, vocals with a little distortion, fretless bass, fake drums.


the doors are all open
that's the rub
our history can't be scrubbed
through the door lies a pit
you may never climb out of it

What's the point of anything really
all been done before
you see all I have
no one's keeping score

we build our house from leftovers
the scraps of all that came before
all they left was a trail of crumbs
fragments, rumors, rules of thumb

a door too plain to mention
might lead to a higher dimension
if we're made of stardust, stardust is what we burn
to the stardust we will return

history can't be reversed
our dreams can't remove the curse
every prince and king is fallen
their legacy forgotten

history can't be reversed
our dreams can't remove the curse

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I like how you used the echo to develop a feeling, an atmosphere with depth and character. I think I'd like to play with that a bit. The lyric here seems appropriate to the times. It's easy to apply this to my own spiritual feelings or to the current political scene or to (fairly) recent history, even. I like that it's open to interpretation and can mean something different for each listener that is equally valid.

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This has a kind of metaphysical feel to it with the lyric that is well echoed by the wonderful reverb and echo in the music. Really pleasant to listen to and while I did not know exactly what you meant either I like the fact that it provokes thought. Nice job! Enjoyed!

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This is lovely in headphones. To me it feels like that brink-of-sleep state where I'm relaxed enough to observe my own mind and see larger patterns without value judgment. The familiar chord structure and down-to-earth vocal make good anchors for the philosophical lyric and big washes of effects.

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Fretless bass sounds very cool, and the whole thing just sounds so rich and tripped out ... lovely psychedelia.

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I love these lyrics! And I get the "what's the point?" feeling as 50/90 winds down. Yet ... we keep going!
Great song - atmospheric, oddly and beautifully melancholic and uplifting. I love the swirly, hypnotic sound.