Falling apart (try to get some rest)

Falling apart (try to get some rest)

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Liner Notes: 

This was written in one of these 'all at once without thinking too hard' moods.

I was thinking a bit about this little weird medical summer I've been having, and while in reality its not major, (and yes I'm on the mend) it sure feels, or felt a little depressing at times , and I guess i was channeling those worrying feelings when things like this happen.

Recorded just about as quick as I wrote it, which is to say, almost the same length as the song. IPhone recording, nylon string guitar.


I’m falling apart my bones are aching
And all the places in between
I was doing great till one day I wasn’t
The worst surprises are unforeseen

On this earth we’re planted taking health for granted
Till one day come knocking at your door
Bad luck a comin’, ain’t no use running
This is what you need that courage for

Look up the symptoms could be mild
Could be a catastrophe
Is it better not knowing, is it better unaware
Should I try to see what I don’t want to see

Doctor appointments, pills powders and ointments
Come back next Thursday for some tests
Do they know or did they guess
What are the side effects
Meanwhile try to get some rest
Meanwhile try to get some rest

(c) M. Skliar

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Yeah, my back and failing eyes identify with that first verse right off. You said that this song didn't take long to write and I like that it has that easy flow. Middle aged doctor appointment rock... is that a thing?

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So relatable. It is funny as a young person I was among the lucky that never thought about health but now between my wife and I it is a daily conversation. You capture the angst and frustrations well with a wonderful insight and perspective. Lovely delivery!

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Like it. I like the internal rhymes in the first line. As a guy who is navigating the 50s I can relate. Nothing too bad lately, but it lurks. Every time I see somebody walking around hunched over and moving slowly I try to remember things can happen any time to anybody.

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There's a lot of this stuff to channel at our age, indirectly if not directly too. I like how direct and conversational this is - tells it like it is and feels like a (musical) conversation with a friend.

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That 3rd verse...oy. Whenever I feel some little ANYTHING, I think about looking up the symptoms. Then I realize that I might not like what I read...and the fact that it could 'range from' some little thing to update-your-will.
Nice solemn tune with solid delivery and strumming. Very relatable.
I love how you folks can make good music and lyrics so quickly.
To good health, bro!

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glad you are on the mend. your output has been fantastic considering you are recovering. love the doctors appointments/ointments rhyme.