Peacetime Through the Window of the Starship

Peacetime Through the Window of the Starship

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Liner Notes: 

So what I usually do is start on the next song as the one I just finished is uploading to Soundcloud, and I was just sitting with my hand on the midi controller with the first sound you hear pulled up in my DAW.
Those moments between uploads and creation are...special.
I realize that's a time where I'm kinda just drifting and peaceful. The sound itself I had pulled up made me think of space.
Went with that.
Wanted to keep everything atmospheric and chill, but perhaps make one sway. Chose more sounds that made me think of the cosmos.
Started the drums with just a kick and snare, then decided to give a little more variation than that so added sound after sound to the drums until I got a rhythm that I liked, and one that wasn't too busy or took away from the vibe of the pads/synths.
Freestyle soloing as always in there.
I can see some young space cadet looking out at whatever star system their ship was passing through. Its a time of peace. And the cadet is content.
All is well.

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My 11 year old wandered in as I was listening and said it sounded "galaxial". Whatever that means. She liked it!
For what it's worth, her old man thinks it's a pretty chill and relaxing, yet outer-spaceish, track.

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I like the arrangement, the cosmic sounds building to the rhythm track. Sounds good. I guess the key is to find inspiring sounds, because I can never do something like this even when I try. I appreciate that you can nail it so often.

I remind friends in the studio (real one Smile ) to have record running when tuning up or rehearsing, -- it may be your best version Crazy

-- "sounds good, like it" Smile

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This does have a wonderful peaceful atmospheric feel. I like how it was built from serendipity. A very magical quality that I really enjoy - it evolves well and transports me to space!

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Great vibe. Good dynamics too, some build and release. Makes me want to descend into synths for the next thing I do. Or the one after. The drums bring it back to earth a little, that beat (to me) is almost a driving-around-an-empty-city-at-3am kind of feel.

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takes me back to my sci-fi reading/watching days......