You Gotta Be Right

You Gotta Be Right

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Liner Notes: 

Another one that I made for 50/90 but didn't post. This one was made about the 2nd week I started 50/90, and I had all intentions of posting this, but it was really short and repetitive, I felt.
Today, I rearranged some things so that it had a verse/chorus/verse/chorus structure, and then the end.
I'm sure someday I will sing this song to someone, and that there are others out there who can relate to this one.
I tried to sing the verses and chorus myself, but simply could not hit the notes. I'm finding the limits of my singing VERY quickly lol Its ok, though.
I know the transition between the last chorus and the end part is a bit rough, but this IS a rough draft.
I've been holding on to too many songs for 50/90, and now I feel much freer (that's a weird looking word) to post whatever I make. I'm taking things much less seriously, too. And it feels good.
I truly do wish that I could sing better, though. You might say "well, practice then buddy"...but....NAH lol I don't see me putting in the time to do that, since my singing will only be for 50/90. Maybe someday, but I doubted. If I ever do anything where I have to have a vocalist, perhaps I'll seek one of YOU out Smile
These last 10 songs are gonna be all over the place (as if my other stuff wasn't already all over the place), and some of it might have some really bad singing, and some shoddy piano playin', but hey!!! :p


Here we go again
You just gotta let me know again
That you're always right.

(c) x2
You gotta
Gotta be right
I can't just
Say goodnight

I just tune it out
Whatever you are on about
But you won't have that.


(whatever this part is)
Do you gotta be right
all the time?
Can I just be right
Just one time??
Maybe I'm wrong..
..all the time (just let me FEEL that I'm right!)
Do you HAVEto be right
all the time?
Do you have to be right
all the time?
I mean, I can't be wrong...
ALL the time
Actually, maybe I am..
Maybe-maybe you're right..
...all the time....

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we are often our harshest critics. there isnt one right kind of singing anymore. there is a more classical style. if that was a pre requisite there would only be a few on here. this is really nice. different but nice. well done.

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The synth vocals in the first part of the song are kinda fun. Having said that, don't be afraid to try your real vocals in the verse/chorus. Or borrow a vocalist from 5090 to help realize your musical ideas!

I like the indie-surf-pop feel to the first part of the track A LOT. The shift to the piano-based outro with live vocals was really cool too. I like the tone colour to your voice there.

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Dude! Have you heard any of my songs. Guitar needing tuned, vocals wavering all over the scale and flubs a many. It's write 50 songs not perfect 50 songs.
I like getting ideas about how to mix/create vocals from your music. And I like the piano on this. I really like hearing your vocal and piano musings. It's good to hear.

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This works really well. The synth vocals deliver the lyric perfectly and the groove is great! Wonderful chorus - the repetition works very effectively. Nice break down with the keys section and your natural vocal - which is great!!! Sing more!!!

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Cool song. I like the synthy vocal stuff in the beginning. And the piano and more normal sounding vocals in the second half. Exploring that doubt we have sometimes with other people, wanting to be recognized as an equal partner, trying to figure out what feels normal and where we need to speak up.

I'm with you on the vocal stuff. I'm not a singer, but sometimes the song wants a vocal part - so I try. I'd say keep exploring it - you might get to a comfortable place with your voice.