Ode To My Evie

Ode To My Evie

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Liner Notes: 

@kahlo2013 commented "Someday" on one of my electric vehicle songs. So I asked if she would be willing to write a lyric and this fine rhythmic lyric is the result.

Liz Says: it is no secret that Andy loves his electric cars, so when he asked me to pen a lyric about electric cars it only seemed fitting that I make it a bit of a love song. I love how Andy brought the words to life with his music. A perfect match in my opinion!


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Ode To My Evie
Lyrics by @kahlo2013
Open A7/E tuning EAEGC#E

Evie sparks my passion takes me anywhere
that I want to go both fast and slow
Evie has a lot traction she's rolled right over my heart and soul
Oh I should know
whoa oh oh….oh oh

yeah Evie takes me places, I've never been before
Evie drives me wild, makes me want her more
oh yeah... my Evie

she's so amazing...ahead of her time
she's so sensible...wonderful and fine
she's so electric...and now she's mine..
she's my Evie
oh yeah yeah... my Evie

Evie grabs people's attention with beautiful looks
not too tall or wide she never hides
Evie hums like soft music when I charge her up
such a great ride so sweet in side
whoa oh oh ...oh oh

yeah Evie teaches me things
I've never known before
makes this world better
I want her even more
oh yeah... my Evie

Repeat Chorus

Oh Evie...I want to charge her up again and again
show her off to impress all my jealous friends
Oh EV I love how she rolls...
Oh EV my electric vehicle....

Repeat Chorus

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this really chugs along, sounds like its going up a steep hill and might not make it to the top. goes into gear at PC2. the guitar that comes in at about twoand a half minutes changes the tone completely. and you really take it into high gear for the remainder of the trip. this song could be carnival ride. you could sell tickets to it.

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I, too, like the rhythm in the song. And the phased reverb/depth effect is cool. I like the love song to my (electric) car lyric motif. It's common in rock but it seems more personal or at least more interesting/unique here.

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I also like the driving rhythm that this has. And ?I like how you play with the audience and suggest maybe Evie isn't what she seems, but you don't say it until the end.

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A song of the future. ahead of its time you might say. ---Hmmmm I thinktheres another hook in there somewhere
Good collab