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Liner Notes: 

on the home stretch now! Last 10 songs!
The concept of this song was created back in October. I had taken my first solo road trip and it was to San Diego. I stayed in a gorgeous hotel way up on like the 35th floor, overlooking the bay and Coronado Island. The whole point of the trip was to overcome my fear of driving through mountainous terrain, have some alone time to do whatever I wanted, and to make some music while looking out at the water.
Well my laptop's poor battery wouldn't allow for me to go to the boardwalk and make music there, so I made music while setup at the window of my hotel room, where the view was still breathtaking (for me anyway).
I made this while looking at all the boats sailing along in the bay; I think there was some kind of race, even. I saw little sail boats, fishing boats, speedboats, even big Navy cruisers.
The chords and melody sat with some half-realized drums in an 8 bar loop since October. Then in January, I made more of a structure...and it sat, and I was content with it just sitting in my "whatever" folder.
In august, I wanted to put words to it and use my vocal synth, but I couldn't think of anything and I didn't like the sound of the vocal synth in this situation.
Today I looked at it again and with my new found "who cares" attitude about using my actual voice (thanks to many of you on this site), decided to do very very simple vocals here.
I did not get them to come out of my voicebox like I wanted them to lol I don't like the suddenness of the last vocal bit; its jarring and the difference in tone/style needs a transition that I can't come up with right now.
But...its just a demo (thanks @ustaknow ), so hey!
Someday I will go back to this again, and polish it up. Maybe some chord changes, drum change, and some good vocals.



Won't you sail away with me
And never look back, girl
Head out to the sea with me
And never look back, girl

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Very pretty and your story is inspiring too. I love the softness of it!

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i prefer your normal voice to the low scratchy one. i used to live on the ocean in a small fishing village, so I can relate to the peaceful joy of watching boats, and you have captured the feeling well in this piece,

i like the big beat! i like the nice simple lyric. still got a lovely chill factor. paints the ocean picture really nicely!

It sounds great. Sounds like a great vacation too.

Without knowing your background w/music, -- many here are "self taught". It's my opinion, music is all self taught and there are very few "experts" who know how to "teach". Your voice, and not surprised, sounds fine this way. What you may have to teach yourself to do is learn how to "hear" it, -- how do we hear it as others hear it?

The only way I am aware of is to always, for a significant period, wear headphones (studio monitors) and from a decent Mic and considering Proximity Effect too. (Old days, folks wore a shield that reflected their voice back to their ears, some today you will see cupping to focus sound).

Two things to practice with this is,
1) using the C Maj Chord as example, --of the chord you play, specify which Note you will sing C, E or G, or even a Passing Tone, e.g. F to the F-Chord; always specify that Note and sing it into a Tuner. That's the little C f stuff above my lyrics, collapsed in this HTML form since won't hold the spacing for which word the chord changes on. It's to much work to keep deleting that out for here so paste it all in, performance notes sometimes even as my own Lead Sheet Shorthand. You may only used the Tuner for a day just to verify hitting it. I use the Guitar to make sure in my melody I hit, for e.g., hi-c, lo-c in first position, hi/lo -g, d, e, etc. It really changes the character of a song go hit the D vs the G in the G-chord, or play Am vs C which can be "close" in my context, or playing a weird 9th/7th chord fragment in open position.

2) Learn how to feel your face, throat, palate arc top of mouth, sinus "Loaded" when you push that Note. Some call that "Belt" vs "Chest" voice, -- OK Smile call it what you like. I call it facial voice, -- and cleared my sinuses like never before; a wonderful thing. Made me think we were "made" for/to singing after that. (That there, air-control, is entirely free to learn online, youtube etc. Lots of used car salesmen out there will take your money for nothing as "voice coach"; no, -- use fawm5090 at least at first try ... you'll have 250 voice coaches here, some formally trained, some fully self taught. Post a thread to ask for resources.)

This is why it is important to make sure you get feedback that goes beyond polite-accurate. Develop that WatchList for this, it is not a "friends" list, that's not the best use of it, imo. Crazy