Then Along Comes Cerium (Magnets)

Then Along Comes Cerium (Magnets)

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Liner Notes: 

@metalfoot and I were joking about referring to our ages by the name of the corresponding element number on the periodic table. This spurred a quick search connecting cerium to electric vehicles and I found this article and inspiration for a song connected to my electric vehicles theme.


Then Along Comes Cerium (Magnets)
Baritone guitar tuning BEADF#B

[G(C)] Electric vehicle motors and [C(F)] batteries
[G(C)] Are a great idea for [D(G)] sustainability
[G(C)] Cutting carbon [C(F)] emissions
[G(C)] Reducing the transportation [D(G)] footprint

An example of such delirium
Was a temporary export ban of neodymium
By China during a dispute with Japan
Highlighting a need for an alternative to dependence

[D(G)] Then along comes cerium
[C(F)] A more plentiful substitute for neodymium
[G(C)] Someday we’ll see cerium magnets
[D(G)] In electric vehicle motors
[C(F)] Cranking up the rotors
[G(C)] Propelling Evie down the road

The problem is current technology
Relies on some hard to find materials
A lot of it in poorer countries
With their own supply and extraction issues

Repeat Chorus twice

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Was a great conversation-- glad you got a song out of it!
Nice chorus!

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Welp, didn't expect to come across a song examining the relative scarcity of rare-earth elements today, that's for sure. I love it - and I've learnt something new into the bargain!

It appears we are the same age Smile

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I like this song. I was playing my guitar along with your chorus. And I love that approach to getting a cool idea for a song.

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Another interesting take on sustainable energy as a song. I'm loving all these electric car songs this year!