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Liner Notes: 

I have obviously reached that point in Fifty/Ninety where *anything* feels like a good enough idea to make it worth having a stab at it.

And before you ask, an OOPArt is an "out-of-place artefact."

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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This sounds like it should be a track in the middle of side one of a concept album, one of those ones where there is an actual linear story. I do like the music track, but I admit this isn't a hit single, there's no singalong chorus or hooky riffs! Just on its own it's a bit humorous but in an album context I don't think it would be. And I do agree the synth drums section would be so much nicer with real congas, but the rest of it sounds fine, including the drums, as they are. It's only that drum breakout section where the synthness sticks out a bit. Also, I was keen to find out what would happen in the story, and I think the next track on the album would hopefully illuminate just what kind of balls these were and what the reaction was among the expedition.

had me in the first couple of bars. reminds me of things like journey to the centre of the earth! with a touch more humour Smile
really good