Sunday Sunshine Powers Us All

Sunday Sunshine Powers Us All

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Liner Notes: 

Song skirmish prompt 'Sunshine". In full disclosure I wrote most of the lyrics last Sunday while observing the song happenings. A bit of editing today to the point of good enough to record, post, and FAWM/5090 on.


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Sunday Sunshine Powers Us All
Mandolin open Dadd9/F# F#DAE

[Gadd9/B} Sunshine breaks through the oak trees
[F#add9/A#} Light wind rustling leaves
[Eadd9/G#} Black ant crawls up my shin to my knee
[Dadd9/F#} Sunday sunshine powers us all

[Gadd9/B} Morning dog walkers get excited
[F#add9/A#} At the sign of a Smart fortwo getting electrified
[Eadd9/G#} Flock of white ibis dig for insects rising
[Dadd9/F#} Sunday sunshine powers us all

Busy park on a Sunday morning
[A/C#} People eyeing the electric parking space warning
[G/B} Glad to unplug and move for whoever needs it
[A/C#} Sunshine power just can’t beat it

[Gadd9/B} Charged up unplug to drive towards my destination
[F#add9/A#} Got enough range to make it to the next charging station
[Eadd9/G#} Someday gonna take a long electric car vacation
[Dadd9/F#} Sunday sunshine powers us all (repeat three times)

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For me this was an abstract listening experience but I really liked it. You've given it a free kind of sound, and whatever that ecvo effect is gives the mandolin a kind of auto harp sound. And the lyrics, and particularly the title, are great. In my mind I'm imagining what a band would do with this, to make it fit the drums/bass/guitar mode, but it's tough to imagine. I think it could be done though obviously some would always prefer this original abstract version.

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I like the way you've used the mando here; somewhat unconventional but it works. Pretty cool lyrics about the electric vehicles too.

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Never thought of open-tuning the mandolin - you get a really lovely sound out of it.
I knew (or suspected) from the title what the song would be about, based on your past ones. But the title could also be for an awesome hippie anthem.