September First 69 Mustang

September First 69 Mustang

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Liner Notes: 

The song skirmish prompt 'September'. It was my turn to pick the prompt and I forgot so at the last minute after a reminder from @metalfoot, I remebered @ChipWithrow song liner note where every 5090 he writes a September song. Since the word September bas B and E in it I thought I woulduse some variation of that for guitar tuning and chords. I have an old stupid cheap Silvertone 612 model guitar (like the 608 I had when I was a kid about the time the 69 Mustang was first manufactured) with very high action so I tune it way down anyway. Tried some familiar chord shapes until I got a progression that caught my ear and then my brain went to my late 70's first Mustang memories for the verses and chorus. Now Ford is developing an all-electric crossover which inspired the bridge and outro verse.


September First 69 Mustang
Guitar tuning open B2add13: BF#BC#G#B
B2add13(open) - oooooo; Bmaj7add9(A) - oo222o; B2addb5(E) - ooo454; B2(D) - ooo232; (AIX) - ooo9(10)9; B2add9(B/A) - oo444o;

[B2add13(Open)] September first 69 Mustang I had was a [Bmaj7add9(A)] fastback
[B2add13(Open)] Nearly gave mom a $500 [Bmaj7add9(A)] heart attack
[B2add13(Open)] Back and forth to work and [Bmaj7add9(A)] high school
[B2add13(Open)] Two lane roads doing 55
[B2add13(Open)] A sort of early [Bmaj7add9(A)] graduation present
[B2add13(Open)] To show life in a trailer wasn’t [Bmaj7add9(A)] only for peasants
[B2add13(Open)] Blowing out the carbon cold [Bmaj7add9(A)] I drove it like a fool
[B2add13(Open)] Trying to be cool and right

[B2addb5(E)] Looking back on [B2(D)] 58 Septembers
[B2addb5(E)] Everything’s a blur I [B2(D)] hardly remember
[B2addb5(E)] All the cars I [B2(D)] drove [B2addb5(E)] and reasons [ (AIX)] why

[B2add13(Open)] Motor and transmission didn’t [Bmaj7add9(A)] last very long
[B2add13(Open)] Manually shifting an automatic is [Bmaj7add9(A)] stupid and wrong
[B2add13(Open)] So it died on Kelly Road have to [Bmaj7add9(A)] drive home
[B2add13(Open)] in reverse
[B2add13(Open)] The Fairlane junkyard replacement train [Bmaj7add9(A)] wasn’t the same
[B2add13(Open)] All show no go [Bmaj7add9(A)] a Mustang just in name
[B2add13(Open)] For $250 it was sold [Bmaj7add9(A)] to be more economic
[B2add13(Open)] to a Mustang II manual transmission

Repeat Chorus

{B(D2)} That was 40 years before I went electric
[E(G2/D)] Joining the one percent sustanable metric
[F#(A2/E)] Zero emissions with instant torque
Was all I wanted from that [B2add13(Open)] Ford
Since then

Outro Verse
[B2add13(Open)] Still waiting for Ford to truly use [Bmaj7add9(A)] the power of electron flow
[B2add13(Open)] We’ll see what September 2020 brings [Bmaj7add9(A)] with the new Mustang crossover will it be compliance or [B2add9(B/A)] come on lets go

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I liked the open sounding chords and the picking. The back and forth feel of the verse guitar chords work very well with the spoken word story telling. I, too, had a trani drop but it was in an Impala. On the way to high school.

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The picking has a hypnotic effect as we listen to you telling the story. This is a wonderful story-song, Andy. Love it. These songs and stories about electric cars aren't really about cars. They're about you, my friend. Smile