Go Where It Takes You

Go Where It Takes You

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Liner Notes: 

The main synth line on this is Leslie Sanford's excellent free VST plugin, Cobalt.
You can download it here:

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I tried an ebow, but it has been a while. I like'em but, the magnets for me were not strong enough in that it took to long to affect the string. I never expected string "attack"... anyway...; I've had friends that love'em. I felt for me to compose with one would mean it would be a backing instrument, not lead, like second/third cello -- miss it if not there, but not a solo part in the score sheet.
-- Kind of like what you have here Crazy so to speak Wink sounds great.
-- Great work, like it! Music 2

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I like that low sound. It's good. And the higher synth pad is a nice counterpoint. Reminds me a bit of an 8bit chiptune I did this 50/90 only this has more depth. Sounds better.

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The synth sounds are really appealing; that bass is awesome.
I like the Fripp-style e-bow soaring over top.
Yeah, this is quite nice.
Very cinematic; an SF soundtrack.

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I had Cobalt once Reason started implementing 3rd party VSTs...did not utilize it as I should have.
Looked up what the E-Bow was since I kept seeing people mention it, seems quite cool for guitarists. I'm definitely liking the sounds produced with it.
"learning to be sparse" - I need a lesson or three in this myself. To my ears, you've done this well here. I hear some room for some effects on the drums, to give it a spacey reverby even more sparse vibe.
This is one of those tracks that could be 15 minutes long, on in the background and a person not even realize that amount of time has gone by.