I Love the Science

I Love the Science

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Liner Notes: 

Metalfoot: So this is song 3 of 3 in a planned 3-part collab between Andy and me on the theme of niobium and electric cars. I rocked out the merlin on this one. Going for the acoustic punk feel.

AndyGetch: Fab job by @metalfoot on this one. Weird chords rule!


Ionic diffusion represents a fundamental limitation
Of lithium ions
Niobium tungsten oxides
Can intercalate large quantities of lithium at high rates

Oh but I love the science
The super battery debate
Nanoparticles in ceramics versus different oxides
So ions can move at astonishing rates
Hundreds of times faster
From the cathode to the anode through electrolytes
The faster ions move
The faster the battery can charge

Niobium Tungsten was discovered in 1965
Rigid open structure and larger particle sizes
Makes Niobium tungsten battery recharges faster
Surfing on cellphones longer
Storing power makes solar panel systems stronger
Driving electric cars through more of North America’s green pastures

Repeat chorus

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Wow! This is so likable! Such interesting lyrics and the perfect way to perform them!

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I really like how I'm learning things while enjoying the merlin. I like the lyric but I could definitely see how it could be difficult to make work without the obvious skill used here. It just sounds effortless.

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I like that Merlin ... is it the dulcitar? Probably the only song on Earth to feature the words "Niobium tungsten"! Fun and catchy.

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Worthy of TMBG, who I will be seeing in a couple of weeks. Any song involving rare earth elements is okay in my book. Great fun!

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There's a good rhythm in the lyrics and you did a nice job putting those words to music and singing them with such ease! It's quite catchy and I enjoyed the instrument you used. Thought it was very fitting for the topic.