No One Else But Me

No One Else But Me

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Liner Notes: 

Cindy sez:: An old lyric I came across and finally finished (or not-I may still change) I hope someone will pick this up.

Tim sez: I botched the first line of this take (typical). Sorry it's taken so long to get to it. I'll work more on this but on my present timetable, that's not till Novemebr at the earliest!!


Lyrics © 2018 Cindy Prince
Music © 2018 TJ Fatchen APRA-AMCOS
All Rights Reserved

No one else but me
Gave it all away
Lost who I was
Had no aces to play

No one else but me
Gave in like I did
I became your slave
I became your kid

1st Chorus
Like a swaying tree
Nearly ready to break
I bent over backwards
But you continued to take
Like a lizard in the desert
Burned up by the sun
I let you dry me up
It seems at last you’ve won

No one else but me
Gave up all their friends
Stayed away from family
Hiding to the end

No one else but me
Found the strength I lost
Finally took my life back
I’m my own best boss

2nd Chorus

Like a swaying tree
Nearly ready to break
I bent over backwards
But you continued to take
Like a Phoenix in the desert
I have risen and will shine
No one else but me
Will take from me what’s mine

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Nice happy, upbeat, with an almost ragtime feel. Great job guys Clapping

I started reading the lyrics before the music started. I was expecting something more somber. This is bouncy, upbeat. It totally changes the feel of the lyrics. It's got a plucky defiance that really fits the last verse and second chorus. Cindy, I esp like the lizard desert dried up imagery in CH 1, but CH 2 is my favorite. I like how you turned the mood of the song. Thanks for sharing this!

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Oh wow! I too was wondering about it being a bit somber, but this works! I love the piano and I like that it is more positive. Good job! Thanks!

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love the lizard bit. also the swaying tree with the back about ready to break, the music is suitably upbeat, as should be the case with a morbid lyric. like saint james infirmary or love potion number nine. tim's vocals are old style music hall theatrical. excellent collab.

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This just jumps right out at you with that happy, march-along-with-me tempo. I feel like you're a pied piper, taking us along on a merry adventure! It all blends really well together.

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Love the poetry in the lyrics with them wondefuls similes and the jazzy bluesy stage feel. Brilliant collaboration!

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Beautiful upbeat song. Loving your collaboration. Love the marriage between the showtune and jazz/blues. Brilliant lyrics, singing and playing.

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This is really interesting: Lovely piano play very fun almost like I imagine a 30's bar somewhere in the crowded big city. Gooatmosphere created.