Time for another Prime Minister

Time for another Prime Minister

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Liner Notes: 

When I started writing this song the chorus came very quickly. But no matter what I tried to do the verses wouldn't really come. I didn't want to name politicians names because that would limit the song by generation. I didn't want to sound like an angry taxpayer / voter either.

So ... while drifting asleep on the train it came to me

An upbeat jazz instrumental with just a chorus and maybe an 8 line bridge.

This means the band can either mix it up each time they play it OR there can be a controlled instrumental piece to play perfectly.

In my head it's very piano heavy with a snare drum and occasional trumpet or sax

For our international friends who don't understand what's happening in our neck of the woods .....

We keep voting people into parliament essentially based on who the leader of the party is cos that person will be the PM. They are "supposed" to be the leader for 4 yrs

Except the dopey fuckwits are so caught up in their self preservation (instead of running the country) that they keep stabbing their leaders in the back (not literally - but they might as bloody well)

Prior to this petty behaviour we had the same PM for 12 yrs. we may have gone from loving and hating and loving the guy but when he was in charge / he WAS in charge.

And we now just had it happen again. So for the last 11 years we've had 6 PMs and it's literally been 5 in the last 5

So Australia really hasn't progressed much for the last decade and we got another new PM 2-3 weeks ago.

So this song is wry sarcasm - rather than cynical anger. And besides - humour is the best way to deal with this juvenile crap anyway.


Time for another Prime Minister
(C) Christine M Kerr

It's time for
It's time for
It's time for another Prime Minister
It's time Australia
Yeah it's time

Piano instrumental

CH x2

Piano Instrumental

CH x2

B (quirky bridge)
Ev'ry four years you take over the news
You want us to get up and vote for you
You make empty promises with a smile
We all know it's a pack of lies
You give us a sheet with a million names
Deep inside you play in a different game
It would sure be damn nice to keep the leader the same ....

Repeat CH to fade

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Sounds like Australia is dealing with a bad leader too. I think this will make a great song!