Kindness Shines by Nadia Cripps and Bill White

Kindness Shines by Nadia Cripps and Bill White

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Liner Notes: 

this is the original, authentic version of Nadia Cripps' "Kindness Shines" with lyric and vocal by Bill White and production / mix by ustaknow.
Nadia here: I think we are giving a wrong impression that this is my song. Bill created lyrics and vocals and Ustaknow has done a great job by mixing the tracks working as a sound engineer. Thank you both for your beautiful collaboration.
Credits again:
music and piano Nadia Cripps
Lyric and vocal Bill White
production and mix Ustaknow


into this world
dark and grim
kindness shines
the light breaks in

throughout the valley
of the left behind
through shattered clouds
kindness shines

into the heights
where birds fly blind
the cold earth cracks
till kindness shines

angels dance
on the head of a pin
kindness shines
the light breaks in

shadows of you
shadows of me
kindness falls
across land and sea

released September 6, 2018
music and piano Nadia Cripps
Lyric and vocal Bill White
production and mix Ustaknow (alias)

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Your pure dry vocal tracks to me for this project demonstrate a voice that truly impressed me, pro-crooner era level; and, I've heard many a dry acapella track. Your singing in those tracks has a rare, affecting timbre. I hope this mix does you both justice. Bravo you two! Clapping

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Bill, it's great to hear you singing someone else's song. Vocals top-notch! Beautiful piano by Nadia; lyrics concise and powerful, with a very effective last line.

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Oohh, it's really nice to hear this piano/Bill White vocals combination. It's like hearing male depth vs lightness in depth. I like the way the song breathes, also because of that lovely instrumental piano part.

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What a beautiful collaboration! Bill it was really nice to hear your vocals so prominent in the mix - something that often gets lost in the ambience of one take recordings. You delivered the lyrics so sensitively I felt really moved. Nadia, your piano playing had so much feeling it was a joy to the ears. Great 3 way team work!

thats different Bill! hats off guys to all of you thats just lovely!

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That's a beautiful piano piece and the lyric works well with it, compliments it. And yeah, the melody, too. I enjoyed listening.

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Thats gorgeous. SO ice to hear you like this Bill. Fantastic performance, beautiful played great prodution

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just trying to get my voice back in shape for our opera.

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This is really brilliantly done and so beautiful. I love the way this has come together - gorgeous flowing piano and such a tender vocal. Perfectly paired and mixed.

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Just simply lovely. I can't imagine the piano without the lyrics/vocal or vice versa: it's a seamless whole. (And the mix is very, very clever and DEFINITELY does it justice). APPLAUSE!

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I've listened to every posted iteration of this song. They all work on their own terms. This is lovely and uplifting. I like to hear Bill in crooner mode. I'm a fan of short songs: You get in there and do what needs doing...and the listener can hit play again if necessary...which I'm about to do

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What a beautiful song in every way. Congrats to all of you!

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Jeez, I'm gone 2 weeks and come back and...BILL!!!! [SCREAM!!!!!!!!] What a great vocal, my friend. And how can you not be inspired by Nadia's piano? What a fantastic, fantastic song!

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This is so lovely. I think Kindness Shines suits the gentle rolling piano so perfectly. It's an uplifting lyric and I like how kindness is compared to the light. It all sounds good together too....well done all around!